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Oracle Database Experts

Oracle Database Experts

Oracle recognises Xynomix as skilled experts in all things Oracle.

And as one of the only Oracle consulting service providers with an Oracle-certified Master, Xynomix is the ultimate partner for expert database consultancy in the UK.

Oracle recognises Xynomix as skilled experts in all things databases.

Whether you need on-prem advice, or an expert Oracle cloud consultant, as one of the only Oracle consulting service providers with an Oracle-certified Master, Xynomix is the ultimate partner for expert Oracle database consultancy in the UK.

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We are expert Oracle database consultants

If the data layer is critical to a business, then our database consulting services are crucial to the ongoing integrity of your Oracle database.

Database services are available everywhere, however, professional database services from a specialist team of Oracle database consultants can be difficult to find. As one of the leading Oracle consulting UK companies, Xynomix is well aware that scoping and planning remain the cornerstone of quality professional services.

What Oracle consulting services do we provide?

Working with Xynomix gives you peace of mind. Our teams of Oracle technical consultants are an extension of your internal IT department, working to your needs.

Need an Oracle cloud consultant? In addition to our extensive range of specific services, Xynomix also offers core Oracle DBA consultant skills to be used for any of the following:

  • Environment Duplication
    • Duplication/Refreshing of an environment
    • Export/Import of schema into a new environment
  • 3rd Party Application Upgrades:
    • Generation or running of PL/SQL scripts
    • Pre-upgrade backup/Restore Points
  • Migration between different Database Technologies:
    • Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server
    • Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle
  • Emergency Fault Diagnostics & Triage
    • Oracle database down
    • Oracle database recovery

Xynomix is a Cloud agnostic service integrator, providing a wealth of services to prepare, migrate, optimise and support your Oracle database estate, with any of the following cloud providers:

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
    • Autonomous
    • DBaaS, IaaS, PaaS, BYOL
  • Oracle in Microsoft Azure
    • Iaas
  • Oracle in AWS
    • RDS
    • EC2
  • Hybrid Cloud, Oracle, Azure, AWS, Private Cloud

Being a cloud-friendly company, and fully utilising the cloud for our operations; we are perfectly positioned to ensure your path to the cloud is efficient and cost-effective. Xynomix consultants are experienced in migrating, maintaining and supporting Oracle databases on all supported platforms.

Our Oracle certified consultants can install and configure the following Oracle deployment types for your database(s), providing recommendations on industry best practice and guidance on migration approach:

  • Oracle Grid and Non-Grid installations
  • Oracle Container/Pluggable Databases (CDB/PDB)
  • Multi-node Real Application Cluster (RAC) Installation
  • Oracle on Microsoft Fail Safe Cluster

Why do I need to patch?

The main reason to patch any environment is to remove the risk against your business. Security is the primary reason, but not the only one. Depending on your business requirements, patching can be used to:

  • Ensure sector compliance (PSN, PCI etc)
  • Fix bugs
  • Generate performance improvements
  • Maintain vendor support (Oracle, ISV’s and 3rd party applications)

As an Oracle Partner, the Xynomix team can assist in not only applying the patches but also devise a patching strategy which works with your business to ensure your Oracle estate is patched with minimal downtime and impact to your business.

What is a database health check?

To put it most simply, a database health check can be focused on anything your business needs; as there is no single purpose for a health check. These are tailored to the requirements of the business.

Common uses for an Oracle database health checks are as follows:

  • Oracle Managed Service – As a part of our managed service, Xynomix provides an overview of the general health and growth of your database. This can be useful for planning and trend analysis.
  • General Application Performance – Xynomix can assist in conjunction with, (or in isolation from) your 3rd party vendors. It is commonly used to identify areas for improvement of application SQL code, database configuration and design. This is also very useful during migration projects, to establish a baseline to ensure performance is maintained during the project.
  • Detailed Performance Analysis – Focusing on key performance bottlenecks identified by the business and then providing recommendations on tuning.

Our Oracle consultants will provide detailed reports and walk you through the results. This gives industry best practice advice on any highlighted areas of concern, or suggested improvements.

Here are several reasons to migrate your Oracle database:

  • “My operating system is now unsupported…”
  • “I’d like to move to a more cost-effective infrastructure, or my current infrastructure is end of life (Big Endian to Little Endian).”
  • “An application requires a newer version of Oracle.”
  • “Consolidation of my existing estate to save money on licensing.”
  • “I’d like to take my Oracle estate into the cloud.”

Xynomix can assist in this migration process, either on-premise or into the cloud. Our Oracle technical consultant team can move your Oracle database(s) with minimal downtime, in a structured manner and within the timescales required.

Xynomix Oracle certified consultants have a wealth of experience in migrating systems taking time to understand the project, 3rd party vendors and technical requirements; recommending the best approach to achieve your goal.

What is an Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)?

An ODA is a single vendor engineered system, which provides unprecedented performance and is specifically designed to run your Oracle databases; with the added advantage of licensing on a “pay as you grow” basis, ensuring you are Oracle license compliant. Starting with one CPU license (2 x intel cores), and then expanding to meet your business needs, without costly licensing or hardware migrations.

The three models (Small, Medium and High Availability), come with impressive specifications and additional units to expand to meet your business needs.

If you need an implementation consultant Oracle wise, Xynomix is one of three preferred Oracle partners for ODA.

We can assist with:

  • Technical specification to meet your license and hardware requirements
  • Consolidation migrations from existing hardware platforms
  • Support and maintenance (Oracle Managed Service)

In today’s global markets, downtime can lead to millions in lost revenue; with critical system availability being a key factor of Oracle Database design. Xynomix understands how to ensure your business adheres to Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA), using your Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives (RTO/RPO) to achieve the desired uptime of your business.

As one of the premier Oracle consulting companies in the UK, Xynomix works with both Oracle and partners such as DBVisit, to provide a resilient and recoverable topology on-premise and in the cloud. This applies to both Oracle Enterprise and Standard Editions, also leveraging cloud technologies for backup and disaster recovery.

Our service includes discovery, design, installation, migration and post-go-live disaster testing. Ensuring your platforms are on an appropriate infrastructure, which is cost-effective but resilient and recoverable.

There are two phases to licensing, this includes: receiving a letter for audit from Oracle License Management Services (LMS) and then potentially leading to non-compliance or ensuring strict compliance in the first place.

As one of the UK’s leading Oracle consulting firms, Xynomix can either work independently or engage with Oracle License Management Services (LMS) on your behalf in the pre-audit or audit stage. We can also help engage with the Software Investment Advisory (SIA) to provide current license compliance and an unbiased report on your existing or proposed Oracle estate.

The discovery phase in any Oracle audit (LMS) is very detailed, they have various scripts that will collate data usage for Oracle Programs, the results of these reports will define a customer as compliant or non-compliant.

Example information gathered:

  • Licenses purchased vs hardware metrics vs supported CSI numbers
  • Number of Users
  • Named User Plus or Processor Metric
  • ASFU or Full Use
  • Highwater metrics (when it was used and for how long)
  • Options installed

The Xynomix Oracle Estate Review, whilst following the doctrines of the LMS audit, gives a very detailed report on your overall estate. On top of this, it identifies opportunities for optimisation and cost reductions. We frequently discover many customers are unaware of which options have been installed, or how compliant they are with form factors on CPU’s or Oracle on VMWare (this is a vast topic in its own right).

It can also be used as part of your businesses Cloud readiness preparations, giving a single report to plan and scale your footprint in the cloud. This is essential in ensuring a return on investment in the cloud, as shaping your systems incorrectly can prove costly. Being a part of the OPN, our Oracle certified consultant teams stay up to speed with relevant tech and sales tracks to ensure that only the best advice is provided.

Some of the Benefits of the Xynomix Estate License Review Service include:

  • Licensing consolidation options
  • Pre-audit compliance and risk management
  • Cloud readiness preparation and scaling
  • Support level confirmation

Oracle License Audit Protection Strategy

Step by step guide for Oracle Audit requests from LMS or GLAS.
How will your company react to an audit request from Oracle?

Oracle License Audit Protection Strategy

Step by step guide for Oracle Audit requests from LMS or GLAS.
How will your company react to an audit request from Oracle?

How we deliver Oracle database consultancy services

As a leading Oracle consulting UK firm, Xynomix operates with skill and sophistication. We offer a broad range of activities and expertise in Oracle database consulting, working collaboratively with you; whilst building a relationship based on trust and co-operation. Clarity of goals certainly influences an engagement’s success and Xynomix can assist you with that by:

  • Providing information – One of the most common reasons for seeking assistance is to obtain information. Xynomix are Oracle database experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience.
  • Solving problems – All too often the client needs help in defining the real issue and Xynomix will help you explore the problem, provide a diagnosis with recommendations and implement the required change(s).
  • Effective diagnosis – Much of our value lies in our expertise as diagnosticians with finely tuned analytic skills. This coupled with the use of our unique in house developed monitoring tool providing the data for data analysis, Xynomix accurately diagnoses the problem. (Even more difficult are the intermittent issues that can plague many organisations, with seemingly no logic or cause in sight, our own IPR has been specifically written over 12 years by DBA’s for DBA’s to provide almost unerringly accurate diagnosis of Zombie problems).
  • Recommendations – A written report is provided based on the diagnosis summarising what our consultant(s) have learnt with detailed recommendation(s) of options available and next steps ensuring recommendations are right for you and your business.
  • Implementing Change – An effective implementation that’s built on consensus and commitment. It utilises planned and controlled methods and procedures.
  • Building consensus & commitment – From the beginning of our engagement Xynomix will work collaboratively with you to address your concerns and issues. All discussions are two-way reporting what each party has done and next steps.
  • Client learning – Xynomix facilitates learning by including members of your organisation in the assignment as appropriate and if required.  With strong client involvement in the process, there are learning opportunities.
  • Organisational effectiveness – Xynomix are expert practitioners and can help your business adapt and implement future strategies and behaviours optimising your ROI.

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