Database Health Check

What Is a Database Health Check and When Should You Get One?

Your database is one of the most important parts of your business, and keeping it healthy is essential to ensuring that your staff can be efficient and keep your customers happy and satisfied. In order to keep your database at its best, you need a database health check. But what is a database health check and when should you get one? Keep reading to find out.

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Database Security

Why Is Database Security So Important In 2022?

Your database is the heart of your company, but with the exponential growth of big data, it has become increasingly difficult for businesses to ensure their data is safe and secure. So why is database security more important than ever in 2022? And what can you do to protect yours?

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SQL Server 2012 Is Reaching End-of-Life By July 2022

If you are currently using SQL Server 2012, then you may be aware of some big changes coming up for your organisation – after July 2022 you will no longer be able to get hotfixes, service packs, cumulative updates, or any other support from Microsoft. But what exactly is going to happen and how will this impact you? We take a look at the details.

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Essential Guide to Oracle Licensing Server Room

The Essential Guide to Oracle Licensing

Table of Contents The chances are, if your estate runs on an Oracle database, you’ve probably been approached by Oracle’s internal License Management Services (LMS) or Global Licensing Advisory Services … Read more

Hidden Cost of Legacy Systems Blog Banner

The Hidden Costs of a Legacy System

Still running on a legacy system?  Perhaps your applications run fine (for now). And in uncertain times, the prospect of stumping up the capital investment for a new database estate … Read more