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SQL Server Database Experts

SQL Server Database Experts

A Microsoft SQL Server Managed Service should be provided by a third-party supplier and not always left to chance. A managed service provided by a specialist database supplier addresses the specific needs of the business to ensure maximum availability of your SQL Server database. This reduces unplanned downtime and allows for the business to focus on the day-to-day activities it needs for growth and expansion.

A Microsoft SQL Server Managed Service should be provided by a third-party supplier and not always left to chance. A managed service provided by a specialist database supplier addresses the specific needs of your business to ensure maximum availability of your SQL Server database. This reduces unplanned downtime and allows for the business to focus on the day-to-day activities it needs for growth and expansion.

DBA Performing SQL Server Managed database Services

Engaging with a dedicated “Microsoft Database Managed Services Company” enhances your reliability and reduces meantime between failure (MTBF). Although this is not a phrase used frequently in the Managed Service Provider world, it very clearly demonstrates, that any supplier questioning how and why your database will fail, fundamentally understands how a SQL server database should be managed to ensure maximum availability. Need a SQL Server DBA service? Contact Xynomix!

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What should a database managed service do for your business?

An database managed service can provide the difference between pure chance, and a well-orchestrated and knowledgeable service. It provides a consistently monitored 24×7 solution, ensuring preventive maintenance and quality practice at all times. The service also encompasses health checks, quarterly reviews, regular DR testing, backup testing, dedicated staff and a rapid response to unwarranted issues (should they arise).

In our experience, 60% of all failures could have been prevented and 93% of all issues are alerted and flagged by our monitoring solution before the client is even aware that there is a problem. If you want to avoid such a situation, contact us now about a Microsoft SQL Server Managed Service.

The SQL Server database experts

The benefits of a SQL database managed service

It should fulfil its role as an insurance policy and ensure that your business is protected, giving you peace of mind

Identify constructive improvements for your business (ROI)

Provide additional resources, allowing the business to focus on BAU

SQL Server Managed database Services

Why choose a SQL Server database managed service from Xynomix?

Frequently described by our customers as one of their “Best Suppliers” and quoted as saying that they “wish all of our suppliers were as easy to do business with as you” makes us the number one choice for a specialist Microsoft SQL Server Database Managed Services partner. Our primary goal is to ensure maximum database availability.

Our SQL Server Database Managed Service has been defined by our experienced team of DBAs over the last decade to ensure that our service is both proactive and the best possible practice. Our managed service also allows you to engage personally with a large pool of highly-skilled, expert technical consultants. These excellent professionals ensure that the needs of your business are clearly outlined in our onboarding phase and that our team become an extension to your existing team. 

Our customer satisfaction is second to none. We are proud to boast a 97% customer retention rate and believe that this perfectly represents what we offer; a professional and quality service underpinned by expert knowledge. As a result of this, clients have been using our service for over 14 years and this demonstrates our commitment to the best service levels here at Xynomix. Our continual improvement program also ensures that your service levels are our number one priority.

SQL Server Managed database Services

What are the benefits of an Xynomix Microsoft SQL Server database managed service?

The Xynomix SQL Server Managed Service brings a team of SQL experts to your business. Whether providing an extension to your existing team or a complete managed service, our team of SQL Server consultants will deliver a best-in-class service for your business.

A Xynomix SQL DBA Managed Service brings numerous business benefits. Most notably a reduction in costs, improved operations, enhanced reliability and recoverability for your critical business data. Xynomix will take on the responsibility for the operational administration of your SQL Servers while allowing your in-house staff to concentrate on delivering improved value to your business and development teams.

In addition to our team of certified Microsoft professionals, our proactive monitoring solution provides options of both in and out of office hours. The service delivers alerting for your SQL database systems. This includes offering support for issues that need immediate attention and early warning of issues that could lead to expensive downtime.

In addition to monitoring, we provide regular health checks of your SQL Server systems. These health check reports provide a more comprehensive overview of your current systems and a series of best practice recommendations for improvements to increase performance and enhance the security of your databases.

Key features:

  • In-Depth review and onboarding process
  • Monitoring and Alerting with proactive management 24×7
  • Best Practice
  • ROI – spend less for greater cover, why recruit when you can use Xynomix for your SQL Server DBA service?
  • Security – Resilience, DR, encryption GDPR
  • ISO 27001 & Cyber Essentials
  • 97% of all clients resign new contracts, proven skills
  • Very knowledgeable – free access to highly skilled database specialists

Overview Technical skills:

  • HA/DR via Windows Failover Cluster Installation, or Log Shipping or Database Mirroring
  • SQL AlwaysOn Clustering with Availability Groups, SQL Replication
  • Operational support of the MSSQL BI stack (SSRS, SSIS, SSAS),
  • GDPR compliance advice
  • Implementing data security with encryption at rest via Microsoft TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) or Always Encrypted
  • Supporting encryption in transit via TLS 1.2
  • Advanced Performance & Tuning – providing detailed performance reports, gathering required data and analysing to provide a series of recommendations tailored to your needs and your systems.
  • Working with other technology experts in storage, networking and virtualisation to define and configure best-practice database systems.
  • SQL Server in Azure; IaaS (SQL VM), PaaS (SQL Database and Managed Instance)
  • SQL Server in AWS; IaaS (EC2), PaaS (AWS RDS)
  • Regular Health Checks (manual and automated) to give feedback on best practice, rectify system configuration issues and highlight potential trouble spots
  • Patching SQL instances, standalone and clustered
  • Working with you to run DR Tests
  • Detailed Performance Tuning to optimize key processes and remove bottlenecks.
  • Upgrading SQL versions and database migrations
  • Backup and restore databases, cloning environments for testing
  • Providing operation support for the Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) stack; SSRS, SSIS, SSAS

The database experts

I need 24x7 management for my SQL Server Databases?

All of our clients have 24×7 monitoring enabled to ensure we capture everything about the database, so moving to a 24×7 active management service is very simple indeed. Whether your business is growing, or you have critical database systems, Xynomix can provide you with 24×7 support.

Our team can assist you with a move to 24×7 cover with only a quick phone call or email. The very same dedicated team then ensures reliability and operation of your SQL database systems 24×7.

The database experts

ISV & reseller partnership with Xynomix

How does a partnership work with Xynomix?

With a proven track record, the Xynomix approach is to work with a partner to understand your business goals and requirements and then adapting our Managed Services to meet the needs of your customer. This is achieved by building strong communication within the partnership, listening to our partners and identifying areas which Xynomix can provide value to your service.

The key to any good partnership is flexibility, which has been learnt by Xynomix over the years, as we appreciate each partner’s needs will be different. Xynomix has developed mature and transparent processes to ensure our partners are fully involved in all aspects of service delivery.

With regular partner reviews and assistance with customer administration (documentation, meetings etc), the Xynomix Channel team can assist you in providing excellent service to your end-customers.

What expertise you offer?

Database Administration

Providing a tailored monitoring solution to ensure your end-customers environment is available and maintained to the highest industry standards.

Installation & Configuration

Scope, design and build database environments meeting your end-customers’ requirements, taking into account scalability and reliability.

Performance Tuning

As an ISV, your skills and investment are in the application. Our skills are in assisting you in identifying, slow SQL code to the database, helping deploy new or application upgrades, and fixing any performance issues.

Disaster Recovery & High Availability

Commonly these are confused with each other, Xynomix’s Team of professionals can provide robust solutions ensuring these meet any company RPO and RTO requirements.

I only need "some" assistance with SQL Server. How can you help?

Xynomix are happy to provide as much, or as little assistance required to achieve your goals.

The Xynomix Managed Service will make life easier for our channel partners; as our Oracle professionals can work alongside your internal teams, providing the additional resource for support and expertise, becoming an extension of your business.

This can be to assist you in growing your existing customer base or expanding into new markets and building sales opportunities.

The database experts

How we provide this service

With our team of highly specialised Microsoft SQL Server consultants, who of which possess experience in all areas of industry including finance, retail, security, manufacturing and communications to name but a few. Being UK based you will be dealing directly with our consultants any time, day or night; ensuring your issues are dealt with directly and not via a frustrating first-line support desk.

Xynomix leverages multiple cloud solutions for all operations, ensuring our systems are always available to safeguard your systems 24×7 (and allowing us to remain fully 100% open during the Coronavirus pandemic). Whilst many suppliers rely on industry-standard threshold-based monitoring solutions, our in-house developed monitoring solution is designed by Microsoft SQL Server specialists to support Microsoft SQL Server environments including:

  • Point to Point Encryption, ensuring maximum security
  • Agentless and non-intrusive
  • Minimal impact (very low bandwidth)

With the added benefits:

  • Proactive 24×7 monitoring and alerting, ensuring uptime.
  • Providing near real-time statistics for performance, space and recoverability with no impact to your environments.
  • Operating System and Microsoft SQL Server version agnostic, supporting all your SQL Server requirements, from legacy to the latest cloud releases.

To ensure transparency for the customer, Xynomix utilises an ISO27001 compliant helpdesk system; which also provides customers with portal access. Complimented with a UK based support desk.

In addition to the technical assistance, Xynomix also have a Service Delivery team to be your focal point for any support issues, or an escalation (if required) when you need more resources to resolve a pressing business issue. Our team of dedicated Service Delivery Executives are here to assist in the smooth delivery of our Microsoft SQL Server Managed Service.

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