Prevent data loss with robust database hardening measures.

Database Security Certifications
Database Security Certifications

How Database Hardening Delivers Resilience

You’ve likely deployed the appropriate security measures for your endpoints, firewall, and networks. A prudent CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) will have also implemented MFA (multi-factor authentication) across your business, in addition to processes such as access control. 

With this in mind, where does database security come into the picture?

Well, no matter how secure the perimeter, your database remains a risk factor, if data security best practices are not followed. Zero day threats, DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks, as well as insider threats all remain very real risks.

And let’s face it – data breaches come with enormously high costs to your business, both financially and reputationally.

Step 1
Estate Review
Step 2
Oracle / SQL Server Security Assessment
Step 3
Identifying sensitive & personal data
Step 4
Assessing security config effectiveness
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Your Security is our Concern

Firstly, we’ll conduct a full estate review as part of our overall database hardening regime. This will give us a top-down view of your estate, and highlight any potential areas of concern.

Secondly, we’ll perform an in-depth security assessment of your Oracle and/or SQL Server databases. Our dedicated Oracle and SQL Server experts are amongst the most experienced in the UK, with customers benefiting from tried-and-tested security best practices.

Working with you, we’ll identify the most sensitive data, including business critical and personally identifiable information. We’re independently accredited to ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management), delivering peace of mind when it comes to data handling.

Finally, we’ll assess the effectiveness of your estate’s current security configurations. More often than not, we find that there are a whole range of config-based improvements that can be made, bolstering your overall data security.


Why Database Security?

Bolster Your Cyber Security Measures

Implementing database hardening measures are an ideal companion for your wider cyber security perimeter.

For Your
Eyes Only

Robust data access policies successfully lock down access to data for you – and only you.

Advanced Auditing Processes

Sophisticated monitoring and auditing can identify unusual behaviour, identify password statuses, and deliver key storage and management recommendations.

Success Story

Find out how we helped the Ministry of Defence create a fully-secure database capable of transferring highly-classified
data between separate sites.

Secure and Compliant Database Services

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At Xynomix, we put our compliance responsibilities front and centre.

We’re independently accredited with ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials certifications, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining the highest information security and cybersecurity standards.

And naturally, this commitment extends to our partners and customers too.

With enhanced database security measures and proactive database monitoring, we’re able to identify over 60% of emerging issues with customers’ databases before they’re even noticed. 

This helps minimise risk for customers and increases overall transparency between Xynomix and our customers.

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