What Is a Database Health Check and When Should You Get One?

Your database is one of the most important parts of your business, and keeping it healthy is essential to ensuring that your staff can be efficient and keep your customers happy and satisfied. In order to keep your database at its best, you need a database health check. But what is a database health check and when should you get one? Keep reading to find out.

What Is a Database Health Check?

We all know that data systems are not without their flaws, especially as they age or become more burdened. A health check when it comes to your database is a thorough inspection of the system. This will show how healthy your database is, whether it is functioning efficiently, and flag any existing issues you should be aware of.

Who Can Carry Out a Database Health Check?

A database health check should be carried out by a professional and experienced company like Xynomix. A database health check company can identify problems that might be causing issues with your database’s stability, security or data safety, and help you to understand what is causing any performance issues. They will also provide you with a database health check report, explaining what has been found and recommending fixes that could restore your system to full health. They can carry out database health checks on different databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

When Should You Get a Database Health Check?

There are many scenarios when you should consider getting a health check. This can be because you have been experiencing bad performance or you have suffered an outage. It can also be beneficial if your database has been neglected for a while and needs to be audited, updated or is suffering from intermittent issues.

Considering Migration?

Many companies are considering adding additional hardware to their databases to improve functionality, and yet more are making a move to the cloud for security and accessibility purposes. Migrating to the cloud can leave some potential gaps and problems with your database, so having a health check is vital for a smooth and successful transition.

If you would like a thorough database health check complete with a database health check report and suggestions for fixing problem areas, get in touch with Xynomix. We are experienced in health checks for a variety of different database types – so let us know how we can keep your database happy and healthy.

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