ORA-00060 deadlock detected while waiting for resource What causes an ORA-00060 error? Your session and another session are waiting for a resource locked by the other. This condition is known … Read more


ORA-01017 What causes an ORA-01017 error? An invalid username or password was entered in an attempt to log on to Oracle. The username and password must be the same as … Read more


ORA-01555 What causes an ORA-01555 error? Rollback records needed by a reader for consistent read are overwritten by other writers. How Xynomix can help If in Automatic Undo Management mode, … Read more


ORA-04031 unable to allocate string bytes of shared memory (“string”,”string”,”string”,”string”) What causes an ORA-04031 error? More shared memory is needed than was allocated in the shared pool. How Xynomix can … Read more


ORA-03113 end-of-file on communication channel What causes an ORA-03113 error? An unexpected end-of-file was processed on the communication channel. The problem could not be handled by the Net8 two-task software. … Read more

ORA Codes


ORA-00600 internal error code, arguments: [string], [string], [string], [string], [string], [string], [string], [string] What causes an ORA-00600 error? This is the generic internal error number for Oracle program exceptions. It … Read more


ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified What causes an ORA-12154 error? A connection to a database or other service was requested using a connect identifier, and the connect … Read more

ORA Codes


ORA-00900 invalid SQL statement What causes an ORA-00900 error? The statement is not recognised as a valid SQL statement. This error can occur if the Procedural Option is not installed … Read more


ORA-00901 invalid CREATE command What causes an ORA-00901 error? The CREATE command was not followed by a valid CREATE option. How Xynomix can help We can correct the syntax.. Contact us … Read more


ORA-00902 invalid datatype What causes an ORA-00902 error? ORA-00902 invalid datatype. How Xynomix can help We can correct the syntax. Contact us for more information. To learn more about ways … Read more