Xynomix recruiting due to closing first quarter with record sales

Xynomix closes first quarter of financial year with record sales

We have closed the first quarter of 2020 with record sales, due to the fact that customers across a full range of industries have continued to realise the benefits of outsourced database management and consultancy as well as the continued growth of relationships with long-standing channel partners.

Xynomix wins biggest ever deal first day into second quarter

Our continued dedication has paid off, achieving the closure of our biggest ever deal on the first day of Q2. As a result of a 5-year tender win, we have been entrusted with the ongoing provision of database management for one of the UK’s largest councils. We will be undertaking the whole host of Oracle consultancy tasks as part of the complete in-house migration of IT solutions over the coming year.

Xynomix set to receive increase in business as firms struggle to maintain critical systems and furlough staff

We are in a strong position for the continued provision of business support despite the continuing uncertainty associated with the Coronavirus. We will continue to provide dedicated database support at a time when other companies are faced with difficult employment decisions and critical system challenges. Business owners can be assured of our continued support along the digital transformation journey, as the switch is made to remote working.

Xynomix to recruit even more experts

It is expected that more businesses will turn to us for the provision of Oracle and SQL Server consultancy services over the coming months. Forced to reduce to skeleton teams, with many workers being laid off or furloughed, companies are set to outsource a variety of key DBA activities. We are preparing for the increased workload; with more Oracle DBA vacancies being advertised on the company careers page.

Xynomix continue to lead the way in outsourced DBA

There is every confidence that we will continue to lead the way in the outsourced provision of DBA services. Recognised as industry experts in both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, we will remain dedicated to the support and maintenance of critical database systems. Our company will undoubtedly be seen as the ideal option for business owners keen to cover periods of sickness, annual, and furlough leave during these challenging times.