Oracle and the University of Oxford
Collaborate Against COVID-19

Oracle and University of Oxford have partnered to create the Global Pathogen Analysis System (GPAS).

This initiative, which runs on OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure), is designed to help governments and medical communities combat the recent increase in COVID-19 variants.

There are thought to be thousands of COVID variants across the globe, but the UK is currently keeping a close watch on around 12 different strains, including the latest Indian variants and a handful more detected in the UK

The program, built upon Oxford’s existing Scalable Pathogen Pipeline Platform (SP3), is designed to help increase the rate of genome sequencing and, crucially, enable the sharing of this data on a global scale through Oracle Cloud.

The opportunity of applying systematic examination for genetic variants in a range of pathogens will have major benefits for global public health. This program, with Oracle as a partner, takes us a step closer to this goal.

The SP3 system, enhanced by Oracle with higher performance and security, can now deliver comprehensive and standardised results for logged COVID-19 analyses within minutes of submission.

These results will be made available to countries around the globe in a secure environment. It is believed that knowledge-sharing, such as this initiative, will empower governments and medical authorities to staunch the growth of COVID-19. 

GPAS will be rolled out for free to researchers and non-profit organisations globally.

For more details on the partnership between Oracle and the University of Oxford, read the full story at:

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