How Managed Database Support Shifts the 80/20

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Running your own IT department will inevitably mean that you’re busy. But take a step back and examine the following questions closely: 

Is the time you spend being busy, actually time spent being effective? 

Are you driving the business forward, and are you making the best use of your time and intellect?

We’ve witnessed a number of organisations across a range of sectors fall into the 80/20 trap, which means it’s time to re-examine how we do things.

Managed database support shifts the 80/20. Here’s why.

What is the 80/20 Principle?

The 80/20 Principle – also known as the Pareto Principle – states that 80% of outcomes are influenced by 20% of causes.

In a more straightforward example, 20% of your effort determines 80% of your output. It’s an influential term that many apply across their lives, from fitness, to productivity, and even investments.

Developed by Vilfredo Pareto and revitalised by Brian Tracy, the Pareto Principle is often applied in business and economics.

In the context of database services, the 80/20 Principle sees 80% of resources spent on keeping legacy systems running, with only 20% dedicated to innovative programmes designed to drive revenue, cut costs, and consolidate positions.

And within the realm of small-to-medium size businesses, this is a problem.

Disgruntled IT professionals within these companies are often frustrated by the lack of time and investment spent on exciting challenges that will shape the future of their business. Digital transformation projects, cyber security enhancements, customer experience tools, investment in the Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The reality for many businesses is that ‘keeping the lights on’ comes first, which means all too often that the IT department is consumed by the familiar, rather than exploring new growth opportunities.

The Main Responsibilities Occupying In-House DBA

Log Checks

Data Changes

Testing Backups & Disaster Recovery

Performance Patching

Performance Analysis & Tuning


How Managed Database Support Shifts the 80/20

The re-purposing of time, people, and money can free you from the 80/20 trap. This is where database managed services and remote DBA support come in.

Acting as an extension of your in-house DBA resources, managed database support provides your team with a dedicated pool of database expertise. This shifts the 80/20 to a more healthy split, reducing the burden on your team and enabling them to refocus priorities. This in turn frees up capacity for technological growth initiatives for your business. 

Of course, you may not currently have any DBAs on staff. Most leading providers of database consultancy, including Xynomix, also offer fully comprehensive managed database support.  

For a recurring, predictable investment you can save money on out-of-hours support costs, accelerate problem resolution times, minimise downtime, and reduce workload management. All of this, of course, whilst enjoying the peace of mind that your critical systems are in safe hands

Release the burden on your team, and give them the capacity to concentrate on driving innovation and business growth. 

In short, be busy and effective – shift the 80/20.

Is Managed Database Support Suitable for me?

Naturally, this depends on a handful of factors. Namely your budget, risk factors, and growth objectives.

If you’re in a low risk industry, with less critical reliance on database (a rare occurrence these days) then a single in-house DBA may be sufficient. However, consider the risks of that person leaving or taking an extended leave of absence.

If your business requires more than just ‘keeping the lights on’, and you’re aiming for strong commercial growth, a managed database service is a business essential.

Your dedicated DBA team can keep the lights on whilst you explore new and innovative means to build on your growth objectives.

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