Shifting the 80:20

Where is time spent when your busy?

Running your own IT department will mean you’re busy – it’s a given – but take a step back and examine whether the time you spend being “busy” is actually time spent being “effective”? Whether the “effect” you’re creating at the moment is driving the business forward, and is the best use of your time and intellect?

At Xynomix we come across organisations in many sectors who have fallen into the 80:20 trap where 80% of resources are spent on keeping legacy systems up and running and only 20% is dedicated to innovative programmes designed to drive revenue, cut costs or consolidate positions.

Time and time again key technical architects are busy with the fairly mundane operational activities, such as:

  • Server log checks
  • Testing and validating backups and disaster recovery
  • Performance analysis and tuning
  • Coordinating data pushes and changes
  • Upgrades and performance patching
  • Security patching

Sound familiar? Sound exciting?  Sound important?

We believe that most small-to-mid-size companies are in this trap. We know from 15 years in the business that IT professionals within these companies are frustrated to not be spending time on the exciting challenges that will define your future business: digital transformation, cybersecurity, customer experience, IOT and AI. Which IT Exec wouldn’t want to be busy investigating how these innovations and disruptors can accelerate business? But ‘keeping the lights on’ in business comes first and means all too often that the IT department is consumed by the familiar.

At Xynomix we enable that repurposing of time, people and money in your organisation to change the 80:20 trap and allow your IT team to advance rather than maintain your business.

Our remote database administration managed services and remote DBA support acts as an extension of your in-house DBA resources. It provides superior remote database administration, management and optimization services and access to database expertise when you need it.

For those companies without DBAs on staff, we can offer full service remote DBA support so that you can be assured your systems are running correctly.

For a predictable investment you can enjoy peace of mind that critical systems are in safe hands, save money on out-of-hours support costs, accelerate problem resolution, minimize downtime, control expense and reduce workload management. The burden on your key IT resources is released, giving them the capacity to concentrate on driving innovation and business. Be busy AND effective: shift the 80:20.

For more than 15 years, Xynomix has provided the Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server community with in-depth expertise, experience, exceptional teamwork and our own database optimization tools supporting our remote DBA Services. We perform remote DBA services for local enterprises at a level others can’t match.

Give us a call and arrange a customised DBA support quote, or find out more about our Oracle and SQL Server database managed services.