LKQ Euro Car Parts – Oracle Database Upgrade

Xynomix delivers major Oracle database estate upgrade on behalf of LKQ Euro Car Parts


Founded in 1978, Euro Car Parts started out as a single branch, in Willesden, North London. 

By the time Chicago-based LKQ Corporation acquired the business in 2011, the automotive parts retailer had already expanded to 90 branches. Since then, the organisation has continued to grow, both organically, and via a series of acquisitions. 

Today, through its network of 280 branches across the UK and the Republic of Ireland, the business is now known as LKQ Euro Car Parts, and is the leading distributor of car and large commercial vehicle parts in the British Isles.


Supported from its National Distribution Centre in Tamworth, the branch stock network consists of over 130,000 products – and with the help of some 8,000 employees – the business now generates a turnover of approximately £1.5bn.

Given the size of the organisation, having a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is critical to supporting day-to-day trading and operations. As such, LKQ Euro Car Parts is committed to ensuring that it is supported by the very best service providers, with regard to both the application, and database layers within this vital IT infrastructure.


Having previously utilised an ERP solution that was reaching end of life stage, LKQ Euro Car Parts made the decision to migrate onto K8 from Kerridge Commercial Systems; an application built on Oracle database technology.  

The decision to move to a best-in-class Oracle-based ERP solution was seen as essential, to add both resilience and stability to LKQ Euro Car Parts’ IT infrastructure. 

At the time of the original upgrade, the K8 application was running on Oracle database version 12c, but as part of its strategic journey, LKQ Euro Car Parts swiftly took the decision to embark on upgrading its databases to version 19c, to achieve compliance, add security, and ensure longevity.

Taking its UK instance as an example, which is hosted on-premise in two UK data centres, the primary environment alone comprises 10 application servers and a 12TB two-node RAC database, which is critical to the continuing success of LKQ Euro Car Parts.

With over 4,500 users in the UK alone, contributing to an immense number of database transactions, data generation is vast. Therefore, it’s understandable that LKQ Euro Car Parts has little appetite for any outages, with estimated lost revenues exceeding £500,000 per hour!


As Kerridge Commercial Systems’ preferred Oracle support partner in the UK, Xynomix had long been acquainted with LKQ Euro Car Parts. Owing to their existing familiarity with this estate, the Oracle database experts wasted no time in establishing a project roadmap for LKQ Euro Car Parts’ version 19c upgrade.

With various test, standby, and production environments in operation across their two separate territories in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, Xynomix had to ensure that both Oracle database estates were upgraded in parallel.


This multifaceted project involved over 20 different packages of works across the separate Oracle database estates within the two territories in which LKQ Euro Car Parts operates, making it a complex, concurrent upgrade.

An extra challenge surfaced, with the client requiring zero downtime, planned or unplanned. This non-negotiable stipulation was fundamental to LKQ Euro Car Parts, who advised all upgrade works needed to be undertaken well outside of core business hours, to ensure continuous trading and operations.

Furthermore, critical software development was required to ensure that the K8 application layer maintained two-directional compatibility; with both versions 12c and 19c of Oracle database.

This important caveat meant that constant communication between all three parties was vital in ensuring the upgrade process ran smoothly.


Achieving Zero Planned & Unplanned Downtime In Core Business Hours
Lead Database Administrator for this project, Gabriel Ajala, devised a schedule in conjunction with LKQ Euro Car Parts’ ERP Systems Manager, Steve Pocock, that involved Xynomix working regularly across evenings and weekends, to negate any disruption during core business hours.

Effective Communication & Collaboration
Regular and clear communication between Xynomix’s Project Lead, Dylan Chauhan, and the LKQ Euro Car Parts team was crucial to the success of the project. Proactive and collaborative efforts were key to ensuring the smooth execution of the upgrade, with zero unplanned outages.

Alignment of Third Parties
Xynomix worked seamlessly with Kerridge Commercial Systems, who were exacting changes on the application layer of the stack. The project involved immense coordination between all parties, to ensure that the respective organisations were each able to make progress, whilst ensuring business-critical systems remained operational.


A Futureproofed Database Estate
By upgrading to version 19c, LKQ Euro Car Parts is operating on a more advanced version of Oracle database across the respective estates in its two territories, ensuring compatibility with evolving technologies and industry standards, whilst enabling a smoother route to future upgrades.

Ensuring Business Continuity
Thanks to the careful scheduling, and the proactive approach taken by Xynomix, LKQ Euro Car Parts experienced minimal disruption during core business hours, avoiding millions of pounds in lost revenue.

Client Satisfaction
The successful execution of the project, within scope, and without unplanned downtime, left LKQ Euro Car Parts highly satisfied with Xynomix’s approach to its Oracle database upgrade.

“I was able to work closely with Xynomix, who clearly understood the need to avoid downtime and hence avoid impacting the business, and our ability to maintain customer service levels. Their proactive and collaborative approach helped to forge a very close working relationship, during what was seen as a major IT upgrade project.

“With the help of Xynomix, everything ran successfully to plan, and I am delighted to say that we are now on a supported version of Oracle database, which brings more resilience and security to our ERP platforms, enabling the IT team to continue delivering maximum system performance to help support our business growth and development. LKQ Euro Car Parts is pleased to continue working with Xynomix, who are seen as a trusted key service provider."
Steve Pocock
ERP Systems Manager - LKQ Euro Car Parts
“Working closely with LKQ Euro Car Parts and Kerridge Commercial Systems, right from the project's inception, allowed us to fully understand our client's unique requirements. Xynomix's flexibility and commitment to avoiding operational downtime was instrumental in ensuring the success of this major Oracle database upgrade. Orchestrating our client's move onto version 19c was seamless, and will provide resilience in their database layer for considerable time to come."
Dylan Chauhan
Project Coordinator - Xynomix


Xynomix’s expertise, planning, flexibility, and collaborative approach were instrumental in the seamless Oracle estate upgrade for LKQ Euro Car Parts. The project was a success, bringing LKQ Euro Car Parts’ database technology up-to-date, and keeping their business moving as they continue on their strategic journey of improving IT infrastructure across the organisation.


If your organisation requires assistance upgrading the database component of your technology stack, or you feel it’s time for a review of your database estate, contact the Xynomix team today!

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