Dealing with Disaster: an Oracle DBA’s guide to DR

To an Oracle DBA, ‘disaster’ means something has gone wrong with their database. Database disasters come in many forms, including:

  • Natural disasters such as floods or fires
  • Regional disasters where the power to the data centre is lost
  • A server disk failure or hardware corruption
  • Human error such as an honest mistake or logical corruption from a bad batch job
  • A malicious cyber attack
  • … the list goes on!

How does a DBA plan for all of these scenarios? What are the risks for businesses who do not have a robust Disaster Recovery (DR) solution in place?

The Oracle DBA’s Guide to Disaster Recovery eBook helps to answer these questions whilst providing an introduction to DR and helpful tips on planning a solution that fits your environment, the budget and meets the SLAs of the business unit as well as where to start when putting a business continuity plan in place.

Download the ultimate guide to Disaster Recovery for Oracle Database Administrators.

With Xynomix and Dbvisit Standby, you can ensure business continuity when disaster strikes. In today’s knowledge economy, protecting your critical data is a business imperative.

Having a reliable solution in place that mitigates the risk of data loss and ensures a smooth path to recovery is essential to the continued functioning of key areas of your business.