Why Is Database Security So Important In 2022?

Your database is the heart of your company, but with the exponential growth of big data, it has become increasingly difficult for businesses to ensure their data is safe and secure. So why is database security more important than ever in 2022? And what can you do to protect yours?

Increasing Emphasis on Compliance

In recent years, there has been an increased emphasis on keeping personal data safe. Companies can face financial repercussions for data breaches, and GDPR regulations are tighter than ever before. Rather than facing penalties for data breaches, you should look into your data security before it becomes a problem, and solve database security issues early.

Potential Loss of Trust

Not only could breaches in your database security lead to your business facing financial repercussions, but it could also end in customers losing trust in you. In the short-term, you will need to tell customers about issues that directly impact them but, in the long-term, it could mean your business ends up with a worse public image leading to fewer customers.

Possible Temporary Closure

If you have encountered a serious data breach, your company may have to cease business while the problem is being resolved. This can cause a loss of finances, customers being inconvenienced, and your employees feeling less secure in their roles. Getting back up and running after even a temporary closure can have a huge impact on your organisation both now and in the future.

Current Events

Database security has, as we said, been growing in importance in recent times. There has been a significant rise in cybercrime during the Covid-19 pandemic when more people than ever have been working from home and accessing information on unsecured wireless networks. Ensuring your database is secure from every angle is extremely vital, and is only becoming more so with the growing political situation in Europe. A lack of data security and digital freedom in Russia and Ukraine has only made things more complex on the world stage. Not only is the general public more concerned about protecting their data, but you should be aware of how the changing times might impact your overall security.

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