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The Hidden Costs of a Legacy System

Still running on a legacy system?  Perhaps your applications run fine (for now). And in uncertain times, the prospect of stumping up the capital investment for a new database estate … Read more

Top 5 Triggers of an Oracle Licensing Audit Blog Image

Top 5 Oracle Licensing Audit Triggers And How to Identify Them

It’s often said that Oracle Licensing Audits are conducted at random. Oracle themselves maintain this position.

However, it isn’t strictly true.

There are a whole range of triggers for an Oracle Licensing Audit. Here are our top five.

How to Prepare for an Oracle License Audit Blog

How to Prepare for an Oracle License Audit

If you’ve received a letter from Oracle License Management Services (LMS) or Global Licensing and Advisory Services (GLAS) then it’s time to prepare for an Oracle License Audit.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to properly prepare.